What Others are Saying About H.I.S. Ministries

"The partnership our church has had over the last five years with H.I.S. Ministries has been extraordinary! It has been a "hand-in-glove" fit since day one. Teaming with Jim, Linda, and Molly has been a great mission-trip experience for our team of adults and teens. H.I.S. Ministries is dedicated to making your time a Christ-centered, action-packed learning experience. They are sold-out for Jesus and the people they serve. H.I.S. Ministries has bent-over-backwards to make our mission trips a truly rewarding experience."

Pastor David Waterman - Chapel in the Pines, Arnold, California

"I have worked closely with H.I.S. Ministries over the last four years. Their heart for the lost people has become contagious not only to me, but to our entire church. It's obvious by the fruit of their ministry that God has given them this land and these people to bring into the kingdom. Through their washing of feet and sharing of Christ, to the people of Cerro Azul, we are trusting and seeing this village won for Christ. This has been one of the greatest miracles God is doing in Mexico."

Pastor Phil Harris - New Hope Church, Rancho Penasquitos, California

"It has been my pleasure to know Jim, Linda, and Molly Doss these past 12+ years. In the name of Jesus, they have housed, clothed, fed, nursed back to health, and mentored the people of Tecate through their house building program, day care facilities, and medical clinic. It is a personal quest of mine to assist H.I.S. Ministries in any way I can."

Jeff Reed - Outreach Leader - YWAM, Chico, California

"I have had the opportunity to see, first hand, the fruitful and tireless work of H.I.S. Ministries among the poorest of the poor in Mexico. I am impressed by the devotion, energy, and thrift of their efforts and by the hard work of those they serve. Please help them to help our southern neighbors."

John Rush - Former YWAM Mercy Ship Director - And author of The Man with the Bird on His Head

"I HIGHLY recommend this ministry!"

Pastor Mike Burns - Journey Community Church, La Mesa, California


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